Monday, September 21, 2015

Review: Pureen Stock Clearance Promotion

This time I will give honest review about Pureen Warehouse Sale I just went last 2 weekends ya. So I hope after reading this people will know is it good or bad to go there.

This sale was held for few times already. Last time I went was in March 2015 and I was so excited. Everything was so cheap even though you find some items' price were the same as in supermarkets. That time, baby clothes were at their cheapest price, RM2/pc, RM6/pair. And then the pampers especially the economy pack was only RM8-10. So when Pureen organized another warehouse sale in September 2015, I felt excited to go again as I imagined myself buying certain items at their lowest price.

People waiting for the gate to open*

However it was so disappointing to see the price increased like hell this time. Most of the people who went there were shocked with the price increase. From RM2/pc to RM6/pc, from RM10/pack to RM25/pack, seriously they did not charge this because of GST. GST is only 6% guysssss but they charged us 3 times price increase? OMG. Kalau org Melayu cakap, "jual mahal cekik darah nak cpt gi haji ke ni.." Like that ya. So it was so not worth it.

People waiting to pay at cashier for hours*

And that did not include people who have to wait for hours in front of the gate, people who came to the sale were not singles ya, they are MOM WITH BABIES and PREGNANT MOMS. Imagine moms like this have to wait for hours in front of the gate? Okay. This was the worst warehouse sale ever. I went at midday (planned like that as I knew that time should be less crowded), but hearing this situation from others made me feel annoyed already, so terrible ya.

People who have to wait at the front gate as they close the gate for hours

So I would advice you all, to NEVER GO TO PUREEN SALE again. At any time of the year they organize it, do not waste your precious time going there. Queuing up to pay at the cashier for hours, just to pay normal priced items, I think this is just horrible. So in my honest opinion, better you guys go to sale at a more proper place, like Jusco/Aeon or Tesco or Giant, at least you do not have to queue for hours and it is more comfortable and cold (air conditioner). Last time I went to the sale bought the same things, they costed me only RM90++. But this time they costed me RM180++. That is a more than 100% increase ya.

So that's all the review from me. Will I go to the sale again after this? My answer is NO. Because it is just a waste of time. At least I learn from my experience okay.

So I hope what I write here can help you in deciding whether to go to the sale or not. You know your time and money worth more than anything.

* pictures taken from Pureen Facebook Page

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Tutorial Tudung: Cara Buat Tudung Instant 2 Muka (2 loops) Daripada Shawl Biasa Tanpa Jahitan

Angkat tangan sesiapa suka tudung 2 muka (2 loops) kat sini? \(^_^)/ Hehehe. Tudung instant 2 muka antara tudung instant yang paling senang digayakan. Cuma masuk muka dua kali, adjust bahagian bahu depan belakang dan siap!

Saya yakin ramai yang membaca ni mempunyai tudung-tudung shawl biasa yang kadangkala kita tidak ada idea nak lilit macam mana. Tahukah anda shawl panjang, oblong, halfmoon dan seangkatannya boleh ditukar menjadi tudung instant 2 muka tanpa perlu jahitan, hanya menggunakan minima 2 kerongsang. Jadi di bawah ini saya tunjukkan langkah-langkah untuk menggayakan shawl biasa menjadi shawl 2 muka. 

Panjang tudung yang sesuai dijadikan shawl 2 muka tanpa jahitan ini mestilah sekurang-kurangnya 1.5 meter. Saya menggunakan plain shawl Dgadisaa yg berukuran 0.75 x 1.7 meter. Berikut merupakan tutorial shawl 2 muka bergambar daripada saya;

1. Mula-mula, pin kan bahagian bawah dagu. Pastikan salah satu bahagian tudung (kiri/kanan, ikut keselesaan masing-masing) adalah lebih pendek.

2. Kemudian, lipat bahagian hujung tudung yang panjang tadi ke dalam. Tinggalkan lebihan beberapa inci (ikut keselasaan anda) daripada kawasan anda bajet anda akan letak pin kedua anda.

3. Ukur pada kepala anda, betul-betul tengah kepala, berapa panjang luas bukaan muka kedua yang anda perlukan.

4. Kemudian pin kan kawasan yang anda bajet daripada ukuran tadi. Saya suka gunakan kerongsang besar disini, lebih-lebih lagi kerongsang bunga.

5. Setelah itu, masukkan bukaan muka kedua itu ke muka anda, adjust ikut keselesaan luas muka.

6. Akhir sekali betulkan kedudukan pin kedua di tepi muka tadi, dan baiki kedudukan depan, bahu dan belakang tudung mengikut keselesaan anda. Boleh letak jarum peniti di bahagian atas tengah kepala supaya tudung lebih kemas.


Kini anda boleh memakai tudung 2 muka tanpa perlu membeli shawl baru malahan tidak perlu dijahit. Hanya perlukan beberapa minit untuk bersiap sebelum keluar dengan menggunakan tudung sedia ada. Semoga tutorial tudung ini memberi manfaat kepada semua, insya-Allah. Selamat mencuba!

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Getaway: Bayou Lagoon Park Resort and Melaka

When we were thinking where to spend our Merdeka holidays (as I did not want to spend that long weekend at home), we came to an idea to go to a hotel that comes with a theme park (water park). So we browsed and after comparing the price, we chose Bayou Lagoon Park Resort (BLPR) as it was the cheapest among its rivals and we never went to BLPR so we would like to give it a try.

We rushed to Melaka at 3pm on that 29th August 2015 as that afternoon, we had to attend my husband's colleague's daughter wedding and met my father in law for 30 minutes at the airport while he was in transit between JB-KL-BTU. We arrived Melaka, at BLPR at 5.30pm and went to the check in counter. So many people coming to BLPR that weekend that it took longer than usual to check in, collected the breakfast and waterpark vouchers and all.

The hotel room

We managed to go into the room at 6pm. As we were tired already, we did not plan to go to the waterpark. We chose to stay in the room while waiting to go out for dinner. After we had done with Maghrib prayers we went to Qasreena Cafe to have our dinner. It is a good cafe, with lots of food range in the menu and I could see that many people came there and the cafe was full. I ate Chicken Chop with Butter Rice as my dinner, sharing it with my baby. I like it and would like to eat at the cafe again. We went back to the hotel and sleep to have a good rest.

Us at Malacca Zoo

The next day, right after having breakfast at the hotel, we went to Malacca Zoo. It is the second largest zoo in Malaysia. Many people were there during long weekend so we had to queue up to 20 minutes buying tickets before we managed to go into the zoo. We walked following the footpath provided by the zoo map. Many animals are in the zoo and it is good to bring kids to the zoo to introduce them what real animals look like. My daughter was asleep half of the journey in the zoo as she was very tired, however she woke up 20 minutes before our zoo journey ended. She managed to have a look at orang utans, chimpanzees, sunbears, elephants and many more.

The waterpark (pic courtesy of BookingDotCom)

After that we went back to BLPR to bring Hassha to waterpark that late afternoon. Hassha played for a few minutes at the waterpark before she showed some uncomfortable face. So after spending 1 hour at the waterpark we got back into our room. That night as I wanted to eat Asam Pedas (Melaka's signature dish), my husband and I went to Asam Pedas Ani Parit Jawa restaurant to get it as it was nearer to our hotel. I preferred Asam Pedas Kota Laksamana or Asam Pedas Claypot however we were quite lazy to drive into Malacca City as it was the merdeka night and traffic jammed was expected everywhere. We went back to hotel right after finish eating dinner.

The next day after breakfast we took few minutes to play at the waterpark again before checking out. Then we drove to our house in Selangor right after checking out as we were afraid there might be traffic jammed at PLUS highway (as it was a long weekend where people goes out and into KL-Selangor more than usual). We arrived at our home at 3pm safely.

Below are my honest review about BLPR;

1. The hotel is very full every long weekend/festive season/public holiday/school holiday. Overloaded with people. Their service is always out during overloaded time. Come here only on weekdays or normal weekends. NEVER COME HERE ON PUBLIC HOLIDAY.
2. As the hotel was full, so was the carpark. They provide multilevel carpark however their multilevel carpark do not come with lifts, only stairs, plus it is quite far from the hotel lobby. Imagine you park at level 3 and you have to hold your baby while your hands are full with your bags and you have to take the stairs? OMG. I saw some family with OKU member had to bring down their OKU member and that was really inconvenient. Remember, try to find parking other than the multilevel carpark as it is annoying.
3. The check in and check out counters were very slow. Even during the holiday season when people are so crowded. I think they should learn to do their work faster, please learn from other hotels.
4. The lifts of the hotel were terrible. They are very slow. Cannot accommodate all the guests at the peak time. My husband did use his own foot to get down from Level 11 to ground floor (our room was at Level 11) as he was so upset waiting the lift too long. So please request to have your room at Level 1, 2 or 3 only, at least you still can go down and up using stairs rather than wasting your precious time waiting for that super duper slow and small lifts.
5. Buffet breakfast was okay, however I was disappointed there was no bakery thingy other than white bread. Oh I love cakes, pudding etc I am not happy with that.
6. The waterpark is good. It is quite big and the water is shallow enough for children's safety. During peak time it will be very crowded. My babygirl refused to play as she felt uncomfortable as she saw weird and awkward people there (sorry baby) at the time she played there. It will be better if you come here during off peak season so less people will play at the waterpark (less crowded).
7. The room was okay. It is clean, however I am disappointed with the room service. They only came to clean our room at 4pm (seriously?). And they did not topup my coffee/tea bags and all.

If I have the chance to go again to BLPR, will I go? Definitely NO. Because for me this hotel was terrible in so many things. I would never go to this hotel again. So if you want to stay at BLPR, think again. As my review is honest, I think you should think twice. If you think Gold Coast Morib International Resort (GCMIR) is bad, BLPR is worse than GCMIR. At least GCMIR is more comfortable and child/family-friendly.

So that's all from me. I hope my review helps others in making better decisions about which place in Melaka is the best to stay, inshaa-Allah.