Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Online Shopping Malaysia - 5 Safe Tips For You


Online shopping has been getting so popular here in Malaysia for the past few years and it is now a trend that most shoppers have picked since then. Why? Because online shopping can be a convenient and fun activity which is perfect especially for those who already have a job or career. When I say this, we know many of that with tight schedule and the need to juggle everything to keep it in order; we just don’t have the time to do what we all love – shopping. It cannot be denied that finding time to shop is hard especially whenever you are busy; there were times when you need to pamper yourself with things that you like. But you just can’t do so because it means you have to go out to the malls, to the crowded places and bad traffic. Shopping is not going to be on the top of your priority list. However, you could actually pamper yourself and buy things that you like by shopping online.

The best thing about online shopping is you can do it whenever wherever you want. This advanced retail therapy does help me, at least until now. But I also learned there are tips for online shopping you must follow to ensure your information and money stay safe. These tips would help you to have the best online shopping experience possible. Let me share with you 5 tips for safe online shopping Malaysia.

With just a few clicks you can get everything you want delivered to you. Yes it sounds fun and easier – without you ever leaving your home. But you must know before you start entering your card information online it can make you vulnerable to cyber criminals.

1. Safeguard your devices - because using outdated software means, to put in perspective, is like leaving your front door unlocked at night. So update your devices to make sure they have the most recent security software, operating systems, programs and apps.

2. Make sure you only enter network that is secured. Do not log on to unsecured wireless networks and most importantly with your mobile device.

3. Look for the lock! If you have ever noticed the closed padlock symbol on the web browser’s bar actually means that the site is secure. Only enter your card information on a site that is secure.

4. Online ads can be more than interesting for some with amazing calling of great discounts and promotions. But there are illegitimate ads are actually traps set to compromise your device. So be wary of online advertisements.

5. Credit/debit card is one of the safest forms of online payment because these cards allow you to seek for refunds. So don’t buy things online from sites that ask you to send cash through mail or money-writing service.

I hope the tips I give to you above help you a lot in doing more secure online shopping. Never let we lose our money for nothing. Happy online shopping to everyone!


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