Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Online Shopping Malaysia - 5 Safe Tips For You


Online shopping has been getting so popular here in Malaysia for the past few years and it is now a trend that most shoppers have picked since then. Why? Because online shopping can be a convenient and fun activity which is perfect especially for those who already have a job or career. When I say this, we know many of that with tight schedule and the need to juggle everything to keep it in order; we just don’t have the time to do what we all love – shopping. It cannot be denied that finding time to shop is hard especially whenever you are busy; there were times when you need to pamper yourself with things that you like. But you just can’t do so because it means you have to go out to the malls, to the crowded places and bad traffic. Shopping is not going to be on the top of your priority list. However, you could actually pamper yourself and buy things that you like by shopping online.

The best thing about online shopping is you can do it whenever wherever you want. This advanced retail therapy does help me, at least until now. But I also learned there are tips for online shopping you must follow to ensure your information and money stay safe. These tips would help you to have the best online shopping experience possible. Let me share with you 5 tips for safe online shopping Malaysia.

With just a few clicks you can get everything you want delivered to you. Yes it sounds fun and easier – without you ever leaving your home. But you must know before you start entering your card information online it can make you vulnerable to cyber criminals.

1. Safeguard your devices - because using outdated software means, to put in perspective, is like leaving your front door unlocked at night. So update your devices to make sure they have the most recent security software, operating systems, programs and apps.

2. Make sure you only enter network that is secured. Do not log on to unsecured wireless networks and most importantly with your mobile device.

3. Look for the lock! If you have ever noticed the closed padlock symbol on the web browser’s bar actually means that the site is secure. Only enter your card information on a site that is secure.

4. Online ads can be more than interesting for some with amazing calling of great discounts and promotions. But there are illegitimate ads are actually traps set to compromise your device. So be wary of online advertisements.

5. Credit/debit card is one of the safest forms of online payment because these cards allow you to seek for refunds. So don’t buy things online from sites that ask you to send cash through mail or money-writing service.

I hope the tips I give to you above help you a lot in doing more secure online shopping. Never let we lose our money for nothing. Happy online shopping to everyone!

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Getaway: Lexis Hibiscus Port Dickson

I first found out about Lexis Hibiscus Port Dickson hotel when I was browsing the Facebook newsfeed, where suddenly I saw a tourism page promoting this hotel currently having soft launching with promo price until end of May 2015. Looking at its affordable promo price (plus I was in the mood for a getaway), I asked my husband if we could try to find a free weekend to stay there. And alhamdulillah, my husband gave the 'greenlight' on that Friday afternoon, few hours before we packed our bag and traveled to Port Dickson, as we booked the room at ~12 noon, only 3-4 hours before we checked in. We did not plan few months or weeks earlier. It was a sudden trip, to be honest.

DD and DH picture as we arrived there

So we spent our nights at the hotel. We booked the Executive Pool Villa room type. What makes me interested to stay at the hotel is that, each hotel room has private pool, where hotel guests do not need to share a big pool with each other like other hotels. Each room is also equipped with a steam room so it is easier for guest to swim and sauna-ing whenever we want.

My daughter enjoying the in room pool

As a mix version of Grand Lexis Port Dickson and Avani Sepang Goldcoast , the hotel has some similarities with both hotels. The design which hotel rooms are built on the sea water in the shape of hibiscus flower is the same as Avani Sepang's palm tree shape. The difference with Grand Lexis is that, Grand Lexis' pool is more private as the pool area is covered by walls on its surrounding. For Lexis Hibiscus, the pools in most of the rooms are more open to the surrounding, the glass wall is transparent, where people in the sea or at other rooms can see you swim in it. So at Lexis Hibiscus, if you are Muslim women and you want to swim, make sure you bring swimsuit or swimming cloth that covers your body properly. In the future there will be more private rooms in this hotel, which is still under construction. So if you would like to go to this hotel and prefer rooms with more private pool, it is better for you to wait for this hotel construction to be completed first, as there will be more type of rooms available.

Room view from my camera phone

The main area in the room was designed to perfection, it consists of 2 king beds and 2 sofa beds so each room can be occupied up to 4 adults + 2-4 kids. The TV program can be chosen from the normal TV to current events happening at the hotel to a range of movies available for free for you to watch. I took my time to watch The Impossible movie when I spent my night there as I did not get a chance to watch this movie earlier. About the toilet, it is awesomely designed too, where you can find a glass floor between the main area and the sink. My daughter loved the glass floor so much that she spent few hours sitting at the glass floor to see the sea water under the room through the glass floor.

My daughter and her beloved glass floor

As the construction of this hotel was not fully done yet when we stayed there, we could see the main building and the in the sea restaurant still in progress. There is also on going construction on the beach near this hotel which I expect to be done soon and I am confident that that beach will be a beautiful beach for sure. To go from one place to another (eg: from lobby to the room) is also no problem, like other 5 stars hotels, Lexis Hibiscus provides buggy service which you can call at anytime you want to use the service.

The view of the hotel from above (pic from hotel website)

The room rate we got did not include breakfast, but worry not as there is Roselle Coffee House in this hotel that provides breakfast buffet at a very affordable price, RM25 per person. Many types of food available so you may spend 30 minutes to 1 hour to taste and eat all food available there.

So as a conclusion I can say that staying at this hotel made me happy, changed my mood to be better and I can feel that it really worth my money to spend my day in the hotel. If you have a chance to go, do so as soon as possible, as the price may be higher after the hotel is complete and launched officially. You can book your room at Lexis Hibiscus web

Ongoing promotion till June 2015 (pic from hotel website)

To those who are going to go to the hotel and reading this entry, I want to wish you all, enjoy your stay at the hotel! Take care. Xoxo.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Places to Visit in Terengganu

Since I am a Terengganunian, let me share with you all, what are the places to visit when you come to Terengganu.

Terengganu is a beautiful, peaceful state with interesting cultures. The citizens are made up of Malay, Chinese, India and others. As Malays are the main citizens in Terengganu, expect most of the cultures to be related to Malay. So below are the attractive places you can visit when you come to Kuala Terengganu (ibu negeri Terengganu);

1. Taman Tamadun Islam
A place where the replica of mosques around the world is exhibited. A must go as you will feel like you are visiting the real mosque in smaller sizes. 

• Address: Pulau Wan Man, Losong Panglima Perang, 21000 Kuala Terengganu.
• Opening hours: 10am - 7pm (Monday - Thursday) ; 9am - 7pm (Friday - Sunday & Public Holidays)
• Admission fee: Adults RM21.20, Children 7-12yrs and  Senior Citizens 60yrs above RM15.90, Children 6yrs below F.O.C

2. Masjid Kristal
If you go to Taman Tamadun Islam, then take your chance to go to Masjid Kristal too. They are located next to each other. A very beautiful mosque to see by your eyes, you will be mesmerized by its uniqueness.

3. Masjid Terapung - Lagun Kuala Ibai
Masjid Terapung was built way before Masjid Kristal existed. It was built on a lagoon and looks like it is floated on the water, especially during rainy season when the lagoon water at its highest level.
• Address: Kuala Ibai, 20400 Kuala Terengganu.

4. Kampung Cina
A place called Chinatown in Kuala Terengganu. As you walk along the road, you will find many Chinese shops that sell many things. Take your chance to stop at few spots and take your picture.
• Address: Jalan Kampung Cina, 20100 Kuala Terengganu.

5. Pasar Besar Kedai Payang
A market where you can buy souvenirs and things to remember about Terengganu, be it a food, or Batik Sutera, or Songket, or keychains. Just walk into the market and stop by the shops you feel interested with. Try your best to bargain for the best price, as most sellers will try to put a higher price to the tourists.
• Address: Pasar Besar Kedai Payang, 20000 Kuala Terengganu.
• Opening hours: early morning to 7pm

7. Beautiful beaches
Terengganu is well known to have popular and beautiful beaches alongside its state. From Kemaman to Besut, beaches that bound to Terengganu land are being taken care at their best. Below are some of popular beaches in Kuala Terengganu, a must visit if you love to see sand, sea, water and blue scenery all the way:-
i) Pantai Batu Burok
ii) Pantai Teluk Ketapang
iii) Pantai Rhu Sepuluh
iv) Pantai Chendering
v) Pantai Batu Rakit
vi) Pantai Penarik
vii) Pantai Tok Jembal
viii) Pantai Kelulut

8. Muzium Losong
A  museum which holds a lot of historical items and stories of Terengganu. It is the third biggest museum in South East Asia. If you go to this museum, do not only walk and see the things in the building, but also the surrounding areas which exhibits examples of Terengganu houses since a long time ago.
• Address: Bukit Losong, 20566 Kuala Terengganu.
• Opening hours: 9am - 5pm (Saturday - Thursday & public holiday); 9am - 12pm & 3 - 5pm (Friday)

Enjoy your visit to Terengganu! ;-)

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Resepi: Maggi Kerabu

Maggi Kerabu ni lebih popular di kalangan orang yang gemar masakan Siam dan orang-orang Kelantan. Saya suka makan Maggi Kerabu ni zaman study di USM Kubang Kerian dulu-dulu, ada dijual di Rantau Panjang dan Pengkalan Kubur (kawasan gerai-gerai makan tu). Jadi kali ini saya kongsikan resepi Maggi Kerabu supaya korang pun dapat sama merasa apa tu Maggi Kerabu.

1 bungkus mi segera cap Serda perisa tomyam (jika tidak jumpa cap Serda, pakai cap lain pun boleh, Maggi ke, Ruski ke, Mamee ke)
3 batang crabstick
3 ekor udang sederhana besar
2-3 bebola ikan/seafood
Kubis (dihiris halus)
Lobak (dihiris halus)
1 labu bawang merah (dicincang halus)
1 sudu kecil sos ikan
1 sudu kecil perahan limau nipis
2-3 biji cili api (dipotong kecil)

Mula-mula rebuskan mi bersama udang, crabstik dan bebola, masukkan 1/3 rempah segera tomyam ke dalam air rebusan itu (untuk memberi lebih perisa). Kemudian setelah bahan-bahan rebusan tersebut masak, toskan dan simpan air nya sedikit (untuk digunakan kemudian). Potong halus-halus crabstick, udang dan bebola yang telah direbus tadi. Campurkan baki rempah, mi dan bahan-bahan yang telah direbus dan dipotong tadi bersama kubis, lobak, bawang merah, cili api, sos ikan dan perahan limau nipis dalam satu mangkuk. Gaulkan hingga sebati. Masukkan sedikit air rebusan jika perlu (abaikan jika tidak perlu). Siap!

Selamat mencuba!