Saturday, December 27, 2014

Happy Birthday to my babygirl!

Hassha turned 1 year old officially on 18th December 2014. Her dad was on leave on the day but since I (Hassha's momma) had to go to some classes and discussion with research team in campus on 18-19th December (busy momma on her daughter's birthday unluckily), we only managed to give Hassha birthday hugs and kisses on her birthdate.

And alhamdulillah, we managed to celebrate Hassha's birthday on 20th December around 3.30 - 6pm with beloved family members in our small and humble house, with lots of love. The preparation was quite rushing and we didn't plan very properly as I couldn't concentrate so much about her birthday celebration due to my workload. But luckily everything went out very well. Syukur.

We booked a birthday cake for Hassha from Secret Recipe 2 days earlier, and we chose White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Cake as I was quite bored with chocolate cake this year, plus Hassha still not interested to eat very sweet thing (so obviously the cake would not be eaten by her). [If you want to book for 3D fondant cake from Secret Recipe, you may do so a week earlier from the date you want to pick up the cake.]

We had Laksa Sarawak and Satay Kajang as the main dishes. At first I planned to cook the laksa's gravy by myself but a day before the party was held, my mother in law offered to cook the gravy. Since she knows better on how to make Laksa Sarawak and has more experience than me, I agreed. My husband bought the satay on the same day of the celebration, at 11.30am right after the Kedai Satay opened their business. I made a congo bar the night before the party, as I love congo bar's taste and texture; chocolate chip cookies taste in brownies texture. We also had other miscellaneous on the table (which top up the food number); chocolate chip cookies (made by my sisters in law), jack fruits (given by my sister), snacks and all.

Hassha's birthday party was attended mainly by close family members. At 3pm when I should be ready, I was still rushing in the kitchen cooking and preparing for this and that. Syukur, my sisters and mother in law came early at 2.45pm, and they helped me with lots of stuff in the kitchen. I thank them so much for helping me a lot with the food preparation, especially Laksa Sarawak thingy (Alhamdulillah, Allah gives me the best, caring, loving and understanding in laws I can ever imagine!). After eating some food and had some chats with each other, Hassha and her Mak Lang (who also celebrated birthday, 3 days after Hassha) blew off the candle and cut the birthday cake. We prayed for our birthday babies to always be happy, healthy and successful in everything they do. Insya-Allah, ameen.

Hassha's birthday party ended at 6pm where all guests left for their home. I hope, with Allah's will, we will be able to celebrate Hassha's birthday again next year. Inshaa Allah.


Cik Puan Tqah said...

sdpnya kek hassha

~Kmar~ said...

tqah: ok la jgk white choc macadamia kek ni, ala2 kek span skit hehe

CikSiti said...

happy belated bday hassha

Arni Yusnita Ahmad said...

Happy belated birthday jassha comel ;)
Dah setahun dia, syukur .

Budak Nuizz said...

happy besdayy :))

~ Akmar ~ said...

thanks cik siti, arni & nuizz :-)

mackyton said...

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