Tuesday, March 18, 2014

My baby, cloth diapers and disposable diapers

The idea of using cloth diapers for my baby came even before I was pregnant with her. As I told before in my previous entry, I wore cloth menstrual pads so I think wearing cloth diapers is a thing I would do to my baby for sure.

During 44 days of confinement, I had not bought any of cloth diapers, I was using disposable diapers only for my baby. Since the first to second month she poo-ed more than once a day, I only used disposable ones as it was easier. Plus I had my confinement in my mom's house so to use cloth diapers than asking her to wash them for my baby was yeah...not really a good thing to do. So I did use disposable diapers all the time until my babygirl reached 44 days old.

One thing I hate about using disposable diapers is that, the amount of rubbish I had to keep before asking someone (or myself) to throw it into the nearest community trash bins available around the house. I hate rubbish, you know! The amount per day of the disposable diapers used...hmmm...more than one for sure, and I just hate it. I hate having a large amount of trash. So when my baby reached 40 days plus, I bought cloth diapers for her.

[pic of my baby wearing cloth diaper]

At that time, QQ Baby Shop was having sale, RM150 only for 10 pieces of cloth diapers, so I grabbed the offer very quickly (QQ Baby Shop always puts cloth diapers on sale so you can visit the shop for updates). When I started to take care my baby by myself in my own house, then the journey of wearing cloth diapers began. At first, I tried to make my baby wore cloth diapers for 24 hours. I changed her diapers once every 3-4 hours. At night when she poo-ed, I changed her cloth diapers, and I had no problem at that time.

Then when my babygirl reached 2 months old, she started to have a long sleep, which means her bedtime everyday is around 7pm to 6am (until today her bedtime is like this). She only wakes up twice within that 11 hours asking for breastmilk. So it is impossible for me to change her diapers every 3-4 hours in that condition, I don't have the heart to disturb her sleeping soundly just because to change her diapers. So I made decision to make her wearing disposable diapers only at night. With disposable diapers I only had to change her nappies once in the middle of the night, as she does not pee or poo so much at night. This means she only wears cloth diapers during daytime. So that is how the cloth-disposable diapers schedule for my baby works, cloth diapers during the day and disposable diapers at night.

[some of cloth diapers bought from QQ Baby Shop]

What about cleaning the cloth diapers? I wash my baby's cloth diapers around 3-4 days once so there should be no problem with the washing part, just soak them in the water overnight (at least) and put them in the washing machine (let the machine does the work for you), no need to wash cloth diapers by your hands. Cloth diapers are made of materials easy to be cleaned using washing machine, so do not worry about having to wash cloth diapers too much.

So to all mommies out there, try to give your baby the chance to help contributing less waste to the world, if you are willing to do it. I understand some people are so busy with their daily life they have no time to use cloth diapers (unlike me who have a lot of time at home, haha). But trust me, once you use cloth diapers for your baby, you will never go back. It is economic, safe to your baby's skin and environmental-friendly. But if you choose to use disposable diapers 100% then just go for it I will never condemn you (as I do use disposable diapers every night, haa). Furthermore, some babies are allergic to cloth diapers so if your baby is in this category I understand why disposable diaper is better for you and your baby.

Whichever way you choose to do for your baby, just make sure it is the best for you, your baby and the world. And if you can, try contributing something to our Mother Nature, and you will feel better, for sure, inshaa Allah.


cik mah said...

Bgus kan...ingt nk start guna juga lps pantang ni...nk beli kat qq bby juga...sgt jimat ka...comeynyer warna pink...mmg nk ln beli ni...geram...

~Kmar~ said...

beli cik mah jgn tak beli sbb mmg boleh jimat jangka masa panjang hehe. my baby sebungkus pampers tu skrg tahan sebulan (atau lebih) tau. qq baby punya ok my baby pakai xde masalah. kalau cik mah tak yakin beli sikit je dulu try dgn baby, untuk make sure babygirl cik mah x alergik..

cik mah said... kan..cik mah ada beli 2 dekat fabolous nkmtry dulu...pasni klau ok..boleh beli lagi...yeah....

cik mah said...

Akmar...dah ikut jejak langkah dah...amri sm2 selamatkan bumi dai sampah..

Nurul 'Ain said...

Assalamualaikum..mana nak dapat cloth diaper ni ya? Area terengganu or kelantan ada tak?

~ Mar ~ said...

Nurul 'Ain: saya beli online shj di, hari ni bayar, esoknya sampai.. maaf saya tak tau sgt kedai mana jual cloth diapers di Terengganu/Kelantan

wirdiana said...

Kalau kat kelantan, sy ada tau 2 tempat yg jual.. Kawan sy (fb: ina kedaiibu @ website: ada jual.. Dia ada jugak letak stok kat butik dinda kubang kerian.. Pastu lg 1 tempat kat parkson kota bharu, kat ground floor ada 1 kedai baby jual cloth diapers..