Wednesday, February 12, 2014

My Labour Story

Every women has their own birth stories. And this is my story (for my first baby)...

I had my labour in Putra Medical Centre (PMC), Sungai Buloh, Selangor, where I had my routinely pregnancy check up every months-weeks. At week 40, when I went for check up and my gynae asked if I had any labour signs, I said I did get contractions but not the real ones, those were the false ones so I just ignored them. Then my gynae put Thursday night, 19th December 2013 as the day I had to go to the hospital, to be induced (so I was expected to give birth on Friday, 20th December 2013).

PMC and part of the staff (my gynae is in the picture, find him/her yourself, haha)

However, that was not the case. My baby came out without being induced (I guess she herself did not want to be induced so she forced herself to come out few days earlier, LOL). At night on Monday, 16th December 2013, while watching the television, suddenly I felt an intense tightening on the lower part of my body (tummy to butt) but I just ignored it. Sadly the pain did not disappear after a few minutes like other false contractions I always got. It continued to make me feel sick, at not-so-constant intervals, the whole night. I could not sleep at that night. I planned to go to the hospital in the morning after 10am, however when the pain stopped at around 9am plus, I decided not to go to the hospital.

So the pain went away for few couple of hours, I had my last dinner outside on that Tuesday night and I had a good sleep on that night. The next morning (Wednesday), when my husband already left for work, the contraction started again and continued for few hours. Actually I was confused between the contraction and the feeling to poo, so I just waited for the pain to reach its optimum level before I left for hospital. At 11.30 am, I felt like something wanted to come out from my tut. I was sitting down while eating doughnuts at that time, so I stood up and suddenly fresh blood came out from my tut in a bursting mode onto the floor. I was panic, and the blood continued flowing slowly. I called my husband at that time, telling him I was bleeding so he decided to go home at that time urgently. I waited for him to arrive home for about 30 minutes before we headed to the hospital, bringing together the hospital bags for momma (me) and baby.

As I reached PMC, I told to the nurse at the counter I was bleeding and my due date was few days ago. Treating my case as an emergency, she brought me for check up with the doctor in charge, and said the doctor would inform my personal gynae as soon as the doctor knew my progress. The doctor did vaginal examination (VE) on me and said, "Alhamdulillah, bukaan dah 5 cm, tahniah, kamu akan menjadi mak dan ayah hari ini juga.." I looked at my husband and he looked at me and we were speechless. We were shocked and still could not believe we were becoming parents soon! They brought me in to the ward right then.

In the ward, a nurse came and gave me Enema (to make me poo right away and flush all my shits before I gave birth). Then my gynae came to break my amniotic membrane. Had my baby's CTG also in the ward as they wanted to check for my baby's heart condition. I took my lunch, had my prayer and relaxed for a while before they brought me into the labour room, around 3 pm. At that time the nurse asked me whether I wanted the painkiller, and I said "it's ok I still can handle the pain, no need for painkiller, for now.."

As I entered the labour room, I started to feel the real pressure of giving birth. As my amniotic membrane was broken by my gynae already, the contraction became more intense and painful. I was given the sodium chloride (via tube into my body to make labour process smoother), and the level of the pain increased. I told my husband who was also in the labour room, I could not hold the pain anymore. So when the nurse came again and asked if I needed the painkiller, I answered, "yes, please.." She explained a little bit about pethidine, the painkiller she was going to give me, and I nodded, then she injected it into my body. [I tried to avoid taking epidural as the painkiller because I was concerned with the side effects (and of course I was not eligible for epidural as my VE was already 5 cm when I got there haha)] so I agreed to have pethidine. And the contraction continued, I could still feel the pain. [Yes mommies-to-be, painkillers - pethidine and gas do not make the contraction pain go away fully ya, they can only reduce the intensity of the pain.] The pain was at its maximum level when the opening was 9-10 cm. I hold my husband's hands everytime I got contractions very forcefully. I told him, "Ya Allah sakitnyaaaa..." Then he answered, "Sabar k, tak lama lagi k, kejap lagi k..." And that answer was repeatedly said to me while I was in pain from 4-5 pm.

When I reached 9 cm opening, the nurse who also acted as a midwife, taught me on how to push (as this was my first baby) and she made me practiced pushing for 3 times before my real one. By 5.15 pm the opening was fully dilated, 10 cm, the midwife called my gynae to come to the labour room. It was a relief to see my gynae arrived few minutes later, together with another nurse (my gynae + 2 nurses handled me in the labour room) as I was ready to push my baby out! And the pushing games began... My gynae did episiotomy at my tut after giving me anesthesia down there. I pushed for few times before my baby who weighted 3.1 kg came out at 5.29 pm. I heard my baby cried (obviously my gynae pat her as soon as she was out after cutting the umbilical cord). Then the nurse showed me my baby, asking me her gender & I said "perempuan (girl)". Then the nurse checked for my baby's physical condition (checking for presence of any disabilities/diseases, while my gynae was taking the placenta out). After the nurse was done with a quick physical assessment on my baby, she put my baby by my side and asked me to kiss her, before she left to the nursery bringing out my baby together with my husband. Then my gynae 'sew and repaired' whatever damages happened down there while I fell myself into asleep. When I woke up, everything settled already. I was brought into the ward around 7 pm. Of course I was very sleepy (I could not talk so much with family members who visited me that night, as I was still weak).

I had a good sleep at that night as I was very tired and only able to meet my baby the next morning, where a nurse came to teach me the correct way to breastfeed. So my husband and I who were first time parents were so excited to hold our baby, Hassha Afeeqa! My baby and I were discharged from the hospital the same day on the afternoon, as we had no complications after the labour. Alhamdulillah. Below are some pictures of us while we were still in PMC;

Hassha fresh from the womb (after dah dibersihkan lah hehe)

My first time holding my baby Hassha

My husband with Hassha

Hassha Afeeqa, a day after delivery

So that was my birth story. It took me around 5-6 hours in labour, a short duration with bearable pain one. I am very grateful to Allah for helping me to go through everything perfectly.

So to all parents-to-be out there, good luck with your turn. You guys can do it! Remember to pray to Allah to ease our burdens and make everything goes on very smoothly. I pray for everyone's safety, amen. :-)