Thursday, January 9, 2014

My Pregnancy Journey

I got married on February 10th, 2013. Six days after our wedding day, my husband left me to go back for his work in Kuala Lumpur, and I still stayed in Kuala Terengganu at that time, February was the last month I worked in my hometown. We met back only 2 weeks after that, early March 2013, where I packed my bag and left my hometown to be nearer to him in Selangor/KL.

So we started living together in March 2013, and we had majlis bertandang in Bintulu end of the same month too. As we live with each other at that time, I did download 'Period Tracker' application in my phone, and I reminded husband once "I think I am going to be fertile this week.. You know what you should do, whether you want baby soon or you want baby later.." He just nodded and smiled.

And on April, I realized I did not get my period on time. As my period cycle could be as long as 34-42 days once, I waited till 42 days to get my period. However my period still did not come after the 42nd day. So I tested with Urine Pregnancy Test (UPT) on the 42nd day and the result was as shown in the picture below;

I did not expect to get pregnant or to not get pregnant either. I mean, I am okay with both, since our marriage was still young at that time. At that time just I just thought this; Kalau ada rezeki, adalah, kalau belum ada rezeki, banyak lagi masa untuk mencuba.. So as my period did not come 6 weeks after my last period in February, I did expect something happened, not very shocked but still unbelievable. I whatsapp-ed husband the picture right after that (I didn't know what was his reaction because he was at work that time LOLs).

I never went to the clinic for check up until the 9th week, we went to a clinic in Bangi when my baby was 9-10 weeks old to check for her progress and found out my estimated due date (EDD). So from that point I knew my EDD would be in December and alhamdulillah my baby was really healthy, moving and kicking happily eventhough she was still small at that time! And to see her heartbeat for the first time, I felt so grateful and only Allah, our Creator is able to do that kind of thing. I became very thankful to Allah for taking care of my baby while I was going through a harsh period.

So this was how my first trimester began. I did have severe morning sickness starting week 7-8 until week 12-13. I could not cook as the smell of garlic, onion, meat, fish and chicken really made me want to puke. Every night my husband had to take me out for dinner as I was very reluctant to cook for the first 2-3 months of pregnancy. Such a nice husband I have ya. Thank God! And at the restaurants every night, I could not eat as much as before, ending up I always wasted the food I ordered. I always said to husband, "bila la I dapat makan banyak macam dulu eh..." and I felt so sad... He just replied, "it's ok tak lama lagi boleh makan k.." I even asked my husband to stop eating certain food in front of me at that time, when I smelled the food he was eating as bad and puke-able, LOL. I got tired very easily, I slept most of the time and I was always bedridden during my 1st trimester.

Then came my 2nd trimester. I gained my energy back and my ability to cook had come back to the normal state, I began to cook for me and husband. My morning sickness had gone and I was able to consume food normally at week 14-15... I had my first official antenatal checkup during week 14 and alhamdulillah baby was healthy. My gynae prescribed me multivitamins to help me cope with my pregnancy. I knew the gender of my baby at week 18 where during the check up, my gynae said to me, "Inshaa Allah it's a girl!" I had no problem of having a girl or a boy as I was okay with both hehehe. Oh ya, during 2nd trimester too, I went through Ramadhan month, where I had to fast the whole month. Luckily baby gave me good cooperation, I managed to fast fully the 29 days of Ramadhan, alhamdulillah. I just made sure I ate enough food during sahur and buka puasa. Yes I did feel very tired during the day (I slept during midday ofcourse), but I tried to make myself as healthy as possible for the whole month. There were days I felt so weak that I asked my husband to buy food from Bazaar Ramadhan and there were days where I was very energetic I could cook delicious meals for both of us. So there was how I went through my 2nd trimester, while my baby bump was getting more noticeable.. During Raya, families of both sides did notice my baby bump and the most popular question I got from everyone during Raya was "when's your due date.." Hehe..

And then I met my 3rd trimester. Early of 3rd trimester, I still felt okay and healthy. As time went by, baby was getting bigger in my tummy and I started to feel my tummy was very heavy (especially towards the end of pregnancy). Appetite was okay most of the time but I had to eat food in a small amount frequently. I spent most of the time at home as I got tired very easily whenever I went out with my husband. When I reached my 37th week, I alerted myself to be ready with hospital bags for both momma (me) and my baby as I had reached full term duration of pregnancy and baby could come out at anytime she wanted too. I woke up to pee at nights more frequently than before as baby's weight/head/hair gave some pressure to the pelvic and bladder areas. Most of the night it was quite challenging to sleep soundly as I always ended up waking up in the middle of midnight due to false contractions (or Braxton Hicks). And whenever I felt discomfort at my tummy, I could sense that my baby was uncomfortable too, whenever this happened she moved quite a lot and of course on the next day I would get panda eyes as I could not sleep very well, haha. Oh ya, to sleep during 3rd trimester was also a challenge. Sometimes you feel like you want to sleep by your sides and suddenly baby kicks inside telling you she does not like the position. And then when you lay your body they baby will kick again telling the same thing. In a conclusion, please do not expect to have a good sleep every nights during your 3rd trimester. This is normal for most of mommas-to-be so do not worry ya.

I had my pregnancy ended at 40+ weeks where I carried my baby at her very full term. Yes, very FULL TERM ya. In fact I was overdue with her for a few days. But nonetheless, my pregnancy journey has taught me so many things about life, patience, sacrifice and love. Pregnancy is about to love, and being loved, that is what I can say, from my experience. So to all ladies out there who is currently pregnant and planning to get pregnant, going through pregnancy is such a wonderful experience. You will never regret of being pregnant. ☺

And here are some of pregnancy tips from me;

1. Whenever you have nausea or morning sickness at any time of your pregnancy period, make sure you eat enough food. Always have dates, raisins, honey and water with you to help you go through your days easier. Eat small meals, frequently. Inshaa Allah it helps.

2. When to announce your pregnancy? It depends on your condition. Some people are so excited they cannot wait so long to announce it. While others take the precaution by telling it later (usually after the end of 1st trimester) to avoid any disappointments later (in the case that abortion happens). But for sure please update the news to your husband as soon as you can so he will not force you to do heavy duty tasks as they may affect your tummy. Me? I announce it to my husband and close family members first (at 6-7 weeks as I wanted them to provide me with some pregnancy supplements), I announce it to my close friends at the end of my 1st trimester and I tell it to everyone when my babybump was obvious that I could not hide my pregnancy anymore, ahahaha.

3. Stretch mark is something so hard to avoid from appearing during pregnancy, especially when you reach your 3rd trimester. Try your best to reduce it by using Olive Oil or Rose Hips Oil or Argan Oil or any stretch mark creams you can afford from the market.

4. I understand that as pregnant mommas we really want to show (with full effort) our baby bumps and the progress, but here I want to tegur ya, "wahai wanita-wanita mengandung, longgarkanlah pakaianmu, demi anak yang kamu kandung kan itu.. (source: Tanyalah Ustaz, TV9)" Try to hide your babybump as much as you can, as it is also aurat. Yes you can take pictures of your bumps every month/week to know the progress but I advise you to keep the photos to yourself (and loved ones) only, especially in the case you wear tight clothes for that purpose. And I do understand it is very hard to hide our babybumps, especially after 28 weeks, so just try our best to make it look less sexy.

5. Please prepare hospital bags for mom and baby early. Some people deliver their premature babies as early as 28 weeks. For normal pregnancy which has no/few risks, be ready to give birth as early as 36 weeks. By the time you reach 37 weeks it means baby is already full term (his/her organs are all fully developed), and he/she can be out at anytime, healthily. Practice breathing also (together with how to push) as much as you can, as this will help you to go through labour process easier.

6. When you reach 37 weeks, do the tips followed to help you with labour process; Do a lot of walking (I know this is challenging as we get tired very easily at this time), squat as much as you can, continue making love with your husband (frequency is up to you!) to help induce the baby to engage fully in our cervix. Inshaa Allah everything will be easier in the labour room.

So to mommas who are still pregnant, enjoy your pregnancy! I had finished my first one, and I can say that I am already missing my pregnancy moment now haha! (In fact I just gave birth ~20 days ago, LOL). Have a good rest, take care of yourself and read a lot about labour, to help you cope with it smoothly later. Pray to Allah that everything will go on very smoothly, inshaa Allah. (^_^)


ihsan_huhu said...

1st of 12 kan? ke 12?


Jalilah Jali said...

congrats sis! erm masa first trimester before jpe doctor ade amik supplement pape x? means after buat pregnancy test kat rumah tu?

~Kmar~ said...

ihsan: tak mampu la 12, tak sempat.. hehe

jalilah: first trimester i makan acid folic sahaja.. start 2nd trimester baru i amik obimin multivitamin kalsium semua2 tu. boleh start minum susu ibu mengandung dah once kita tau kita pregnant (penting untuk pertumbuhan otak baby kita, org ckp la..)