Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Aidilfitri 2013

For the first time in my life I celebrated Aidilfitri not in my hometown hehe (I mean, the first-2nd-3rd day of Syawal lah). Went to husband's hometown to celebrate Aidilfitri with his family. Alhamdulillah everything went very well.

Me and husband arrived in Bintulu, Sarawak, from KLIA, a day before Aidilfitri, on the afternoon. My father in law fetched us, so right after arriving Bintulu Airport we went straight home. We had a quick nap at home before I accompanied my husband and his dad to buy 'air kotak' and 'air tin' for Raya preparation. At that time I just found out that Sarawakians buy ready made drinks to serve to guests who are coming for raya (it makes serving drinks to guests easier and faster!) Then we went home preparing for buka puasa and raya food, I did feel quite exhausted (due to pregnancy) and my mother in law saw how tired I was and she asked me to do less work and go to sleep as soon as I can, huhu.

The next day, the morning of 1st Syawal, I got ready to go to the mosque with my mother in law. In Sarawak they pray Solat Sunat Aidilfitri around 7.30-8.00am (unlike my hometown, KT, around 8.30-9.00am) so I had to wake up and get ready earlier. Yeah mind you that Subuh prayer in Sarawak is also earlier than Semenanjung for ~1hour, okay.. After we finished with that, we went home, did Salam Raya with family members and started to eat Rendang, Kari, Ketupat and everything my in law family cooked. Then parents in law together with husband went to the graves to recite some doa and prayers for their late family members. At about the afternoon, like most of Bintulu Muslims do during hari raya, we went for photoshoot in the studio. In Bintulu the percentage of Muslims not as much as in Semenanjung so most of non Muslims shops are open as usual including photoshoot studio..

With family in law on first Shawal 2013

In Bintulu, I learned that people are visiting relatives' and friends' houses not only during the day, but also at night. (If I am not mistaken, Semenanjung people rarely visit others' houses at night, but maybe that depends also on the family). And one more, Sarawakians wear Baju Raya (Baju Melayu, Kurung/Kebaya/etc) for the whole week of raya, not only on the 1st day of Shawal like Semenanjung Muslims! So these are quite interesting as they really celebrate Raya as much as they can.

On 2nd day of Shawal we went to Miri to visit some of my husband's relatives. We went back to Bintulu on the same day. Third Shawal we had some open houses by husband's relatives to attend, I did eat so many food at the open houses, my favourite Sarawak food are of course Laksa Sarawak and soups made by Sarawakians, as they taste different from what I eat at my hometown hehehehe.

On 3rd day of Shawal also, at night, my husband and I went back to KL by airplane, as we wanted to attend my younger sister's engagement ceremony on 4th Shawal afternoon in KT. We planned to go home as soon as we arrived KLIA but sadly both of us were so tired, we decided to sleep first and woke up earlier (at 4-5am the next morning) in order to reach my hometown, KT by noon.

We departed from KL quite early on 4th Shawal, ~6am, we managed to arrive KT at 11.30am. Yes of course the traffic was very okay, no traffic jammed at all, that was why the journey took shorter time than normal. As I arrived at my home, I ate some food and started to help my sister to get ready for her engagement. Most of our family members were there on her engagement day so I took my chance to meet all my family members including my nieces and nephews...

With family on younger sister's engagement ceremony

Overall, I had a happy Aidilfitri celebration, alhamdulillah, with my big families of both sides. Hope my next Aidilfitri will be as wonderful as this year's, inshaa Allah.... ☺