Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Brides of 2013

We would like to invite all brides of 2013 to join this group, with a hope that we can share and exchange our knowledge about the wedding preparations.

Please click the image below to join ;-)

This admin for this group is Scha Nur (not me), also one of the brides for 2013. So let's help each other with our wedding preparations.

See you there, 2013's BRIDES TO BE! :-)


Cik Nad said...

Slm kenal akmar.Nad dah follow akmar.:)btw,terengganu ktmana?nad penah dok trganu jgk.he..

~Kmar~ said...

hai nad, i've followed you back :)

Akmar tinggal di Kuala Terengganu.. dulu Nad duduk di bahagian mana di Terengganu ;)

MiSsJue said...


Fyka said...

Salam kenal..
kite dh join group tu..
best sgt.