Monday, September 17, 2012

Let's Strive To Be A Better Person

I don't like to judge other people. I am not God and I realize that I don't have the right to judge anyone. But when we are looking at someone doing mistakes repetitively, to a level that annoys us, we don't know anything else to do but complain.

"Mengumpat" is not my thingy. Yes I am not that perfect to free myself 100% from backbiting, but at times when people start to badmouth about others, I try as much as possible to run away from that situation. I have a principle in my life that says, "I have so many problems already in my life, why should I think bad about other people.." The headaches that I get from my own life problems are enough already to make me over thinking everyday so I don't want to waste my time thinking negatively about others. Just let them be and to those who annoy me from time to time, I do nothing to you but only pray day by day that one day, sooner or later, you will change yourself to be someone better... (And remember, I also pray that thing to myself too, I am not perfect yet, okay, I 'sedar diri'..)

To all muslims, you should know and understand that praying five times daily is compulsory, it's not an option. In our 5 times daily prayers there are du'a to soften our hearts, give us strengths, ask for forgiveness of our mistakes, protect our sustenance and many more... To those who don't perform salat/salah, your hearts are hardening... When people give you advice, you listen to them reluctantly, you question why they are like that and you think they are acting as in they are perfect... In fact, when people advise us, no matter how bad they are in their lives, we should listen to them wholeheartedly, because we have to know, the advice comes from Allah, the people are just the medium for the advice to arrive to us. Please, soften your heart, soften your heart, soften your heart... You can soften your heart by praying and du'a, and at the same time, always remember that at anytime, death may come to us, because once we are dead, nothing else we can do to undo our actions...

Remember, pray, du'a, think about death. These really help you to make you realize that you are nobody on Earth, but 'hamba' Allah. And make your heart survive... For Allah does not see your results but what you have done to achieve something... ALLAH IS THE FAIREST OF ALL... And for that, thank you Allah, thank you...