Friday, August 3, 2012

Oh Cantek Sekali Cupcakes!

Tried a few online cake shops in Kuala Terengganu. Most of them fail to gain my attention as their cakes taste so fail. Their cakes are so beautifully decorated but when we eat... oh.. is this a cake or not a cake? I also bake cakes so I expect these so-called 'bakers' to bake better cakes than me, or at least, the taste of the cakes should be as the same level as mine.

Until I found this online cake shop (based in Terengganu), by Sis Rina Rahman (I met her once when she sent her cupcakes to me at my office, she's as beautiful as the cakes she bakes and decorates). Tried her Nutella, Oreo and Red Velvet Cupcakes and all of them tasted very good. Gave some of the cupcakes to my friends and all of them said the cupcakes were so delicious & yummy. My nephew, Rafiq, likes the Oreo cupcakes so much as he said, "sedap gilerrr kek Oreo ni.." :D

So below are the pictures of the cupcakes I ordered from Sis Rina (pics taken from OhCantekSekali Fb page )

 Nutty Nutella Cupcakes (the frosting tasted like chocolate ice cream!)

 Suprisee Suprise Oreo Cupcakes (I love this one the most!)

Red Velvet Cupcakes (a true red velvet cake)

So if you are in Terengganu and want to have cupcakes in any of your events (or at anytime you crave for some indulgence), do visit her Facebook Page or OhCantekSekali blogshop, and order her cupcakes. You'll never regret. ☺

p/s: purposely write an entry about cupcakes during Ramadhan, because I want to you crave for more food hahaha ☻