Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Ladies, Let's Help The Environment...

*This entry is dedicated to WOMEN/GIRLS only... :)

It's the time of the month, again. Slight-severe headache, breast tenderness, stomachache, diarrhea - just to name a few. And the emotions are so unpredictable. Can be happy in 5 minutes followed by tears few seconds later. Look so psychologically not okay. But that does not mean we are crazy. Blame the hormones (to some extent, not 100%, duhh).

And when the mense session starts, the right pad is the priority! The one that can make us feel so comfortable, gentle to the skin and breathable. But which one is the best?

I've tried several brands for pads, and yes, all of them looked okay the first time I tried them, but one thing most of them gave me, for sure - skin rashes (babyskin, you know, LolJk). So it came to my mind, to find pad that is really good for my sensitive skin, and makes me happy whenever my period comes. And then I found these ones:............


The colours are amazing, you know, so cheerful. They make you feel happy wearing them. And yes, very comfortable, for sure. And most importantly, they are chemical free, they cause no rashes, at all. I've tried these cloth pads for several months already, and they are very convenient. And I am so happy as I am not contributing to 'more rubbish' anymore, as I don't have to throw away my used pads like I did before. Cloth pads are reusable as you have to wash them after wearing them..(and wear them again the next time, ofcourse). And it's economic too, you don't have to buy them every month, just buy for one-two time(s) & use the same pads every month.

You can try them! Many online shops sell them, just search & contact the seller. As for me, my favourite brand for cloth pad is for sure, Momiji (Sri Lanka brand). Momiji cloth pad is 100% cotton & it is highly absorbent. Other brands available are Saffa, Mama Patch, Sweet Pretty, and many more. You can try any brands that you think is the best for you (make sure you know what material it's made of & which sizes are the best for your heavy/regular/light flow).

So ladies, let's use cloth pads, so that we can save our Mother Nature. ;)


Anonymous said...

nk kene basuh dan pakai balik ke? hard for somebody that is not good with washing.

FarHa said...

bukan taknak pakai tp mls nak membasuh hahahah~ ciri2 ibu pemalass :D

~Kmar~ said...

sangat senang untuk membasuhnya. sbb darah kan, kita just rendam air, 'ngonyoh' sikit2 & bilas. kalau ada kesan kotoran darah belum hilang, boleh rendam air garam beberapa ketika before basuh :)

diLot said...

kt dah dibiasakan ngan pakai buang.. sbb tu ah keberatan itu muncul :D