Thursday, October 21, 2010

Beware with Your Cosmetics

Just a quick update. For those who are so in love with local products (cosmetics especially), please check the ingredients of every cosmetics you use & purchase. My friends are using them and yes, they do give immediate results. But the fact that they contain hazardous ingredients, not so many people are aware about this.

I'm not saying that local product is not good, but as far as I'm concern, I'm not a person who love to put something I don't trust on my face. No matter how bad my face is, I never use products that I don't trust. I rather use traditional methods on removing & reducing my acne/blemishes/breakouts and making my skin smoother (for those who want the traditional beauty tips pls request from me as they are my beauty secrets LOLJK). As I am one of the SCIENCE PEOPLE who is really into and involves in a lot of RESEARCHES of course I will only use products that were tested and undergone several researches before they are out for public.

A product that gives you instant magnificent result is suspicious to have dangerous substances. So please do not trust them so easily. Below just to name a few that have either hydroquinone or tretinoin or both (pls google yourself what are the effects of using both chemicals);

1. NV Toner Treatment No 1

2. NV Toner Treatment No 2

3. De Putih Night Cream

4. Felisa Gentle Peeling Solution

5. A.Vant Cream

6. Natasya Krim Herba

7. ATIKA BEAUTY Renewal Night Cream

8. Reena's Astringen Lanjutan

9. O'Lynn Skin Lightening Cream

For more information and full list please click PEMBATALAN NOTIFIKASI PRODUK KOSMETIK ATAS ISU CAMPURPALSU

* For international products, please check under FDA or something equivalent to it

Hope this entry educates you, if not a lot, a little bit on science of cosmetics. And, you should and really should love and appreciate your natural beauty, my beloved readers!


ihsan_huhu said...

kl dh xcun tuh redha je la k. jodoh dh ditentukan tuhan wahahahahha

thecuriousmind said...

LOL pada komen ihsan huhu.

Aku stuju 100% dgn kau Kmar. Selak sket majalah wanita belambak gila homegrown kosmetik yg ingredients boleh diragui. Not all are bad, but kite sbg pengguna shud check betol2 la.

Ada kawan aku pakai Deputih muka dia trus jadi unnaturally white. mengelupas.

~Kmar~ said...

ihsan: hehe ihsan aku pun redha je ni, bersyukur apa yg ada

thecuriousmind: aku selalu was2 dgn kosmetik2 dlm mjlh wanita tu. mmg takut nak try. dh la semua main market je tak buat research dulu. kwn kau pkai De Putih ke, kesiannya, nk recover blk side effect yg dia dpt tu lama, hopefully she's ok now..

Rosliza Roslan said...

nice blog

Syafrizal said...

Salam, ini pertama kali saya singgah blog awak. Perlu berhati-hati pasal kosmetik takut2 dia gunakan bahan dari babi.