Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Days & Weeks without Cosmetics!

Photo courtesy of Nature's Parlour

Yes, I am a woman, but I do not like to use cosmetics that much. I prefer natural beauty. A beauty given by God, where everything is pure. I mentioned before this in my Twitter, that I love to see beautiful women, the natural beauty ones. Not those with 'tepong gomak'. That one is fake. Do you know what happen when you ignore your makeup for quite some time? Let me tell you below, so that you know, that you can be beautiful naturally.

  1. When you do not wear mascara for weeks, you will realize that your eyelashes will be longer. This has been confirmed by Michelle Phan, a gorgeous makeup artist, where she has experienced this for quite some time. I am not so into mascara, so I never do any experiment relating to my eyelashes, could it be even shorter whenever I wear mascara (LOLJK).
  2. When you ignore your foundation, concealer and compact powder for days, you will recognize that your face skin will be healthier. Because when no chemical things are put into your pores, less dirt will stay on your face, and it will be easier for you to wash your face. Moreover, you will find out that your cheeks will blush naturally. ;-)
  3. When you disregard your lipstick for days, you will notice that your lips will be less dry. But do not forget to wear your lip balm, which is important to make your lips healthy. If you do not like to wear lip balm, you need to drink enough water to keep your lips moisture.

Several researches done have proven that putting creams/vitamins/supplements for most people leads to break outs and acnes, especially people with normal-combination-oily skin (I do not think sunblocks do the same). Those with dry skin will experience different things. Please drink enough water, as it is important to keep your body and skin moisturized. Contrary to most beliefs, not everyone need 1.5 litre of water per day, in fact, you can detect whether your body gets enough water or not only by looking at your urea (the water in your body is enough when your urea is white/pale yellow in colour). I do not recommend threading for people who have not done it yet, because threading makes your face looks fake and older than your real age.

Remember, the more you put on makeup on your face when you are young, the more you have to cover up your face with when you get older. So, say bye bye to cosmetics. Only wear it when you really have to. You should be proud of your natural beauty (^_-)Y


ihsan_huhu said...

makeups r for ugly ppl


Puan nadxoxo said...

cik kmar mmg ada natural beauty so xyah pakai mekap dah :)

n michelle phan tu mmg comel hehe

~Kmar~ said...

ihsan: i agree!

puan nad: hehe if i am naturally beautiful, dah lama orang masuk meminang :-p tp michelle phan tu mmg comel kan *wink wink*

Miss Aida said...

I partly agree and partly disagree.

For me, I've had acne problems throughout my life, and makeup has been a saviour on those days where I've felt like I needed a pick-me-up.

I think makeup is alright, in moderation. Like everything else, it's meant to enhance what's natural, not to change how you look entirely.

~Kmar~ said...

I've acne problems too, I still wear make up when I have to go for something that need me to look at my best (such as wedding @ reunion etc). But during normal days, I don't wear any makeup since I want my face to 'breathe' on its own. In this case, makeup is our saviour, not something that gives us problems ;)