Friday, January 22, 2010

Because Allah Knows The Best

Picture courtesy of Simply Said Signs

Allah knows what is the best for you
What you can go through
And what you cannot
Which pathway is the best for you
Allah will not show you the wrong track
That will make you suffer later

Allah knows who is the best for you
Who we can be with you all the time
Who will be there for you when you need them
And who will never leave you for no reasons
Allah knows better and believe that
He will give you the best person
That will never be apart from you or hurt you

Allah knows where is the best for you
Where you have to be
In order for you to be a better servant for Him
For you to be a servant that will never forget Him
For you not to be arrogant when you are rich
For you not to be proud of yourself when you win

Believe in Allah
Not only in the way you talk
Not only through your appearance
Not only in your writing & words also
But in your heart truthfully
Be kind to His other servants also
And never to hurt others
So that the love you get from Allah
Will be complete and continuous




She is a Bubble Machine said...

kmar i love this entry. can i copy this and put in my blog. it makes me calm ;)

Cik Kmar said...

of course you can dear. ;-)

the poem was from my heart, i dedicate it to everyone. :-) [any grammar mistake, betulkn sndiri kih3]

iYda Juhar said...

wat a cute poem.. :)

to everyone??? thanks.

harap u ok kalu i put on my blog. bole?

~Kmar~ said...

yes dear u can put it in your blog, don't worry, just quote my name or my blog k, thnx ;-)