Sunday, August 2, 2009

If and only if

If I am missing you, would you miss me too
If I say I love you, would you say the words too
If I run so far away from where I am now, would you stop me
If I am sad, would you be by my side
If I am sick, would you take care of me
If I am crying, would you lend me your shoulder
If I am bored, would you be there for me
If I need someone to talk, would you call me soon
If I really need help, would you spend your time with me
If I want to share something, would you listen to me

And if I don't ask for anything, would you realize that I really need you badly
So come fast to me and be with me
I don't have forever to be with you
And I just hope that I can spend as much time as I can with you...


kama said...

tetibe aku diselimuti awan syahdu

rajasiber said...

saya ini asik kena miss call je..jika miss u best gok..ahaaak

Cik Kmar said...