Saturday, August 29, 2009

After 1 Year

Guys, it has been already 1 year since I came back to Malaysia for good. So what have I achieved so far? *Nothing* Ok that's an exact answer hahahaha. But it's ok. As we go on in our life, we gain more experience and Allah has planned everything that is the best for us. So I don't think that I have to worry that much.

Let see what have I achieved so far. Either it's positive or negative, it is still an 'achievement'. Hahaha. Ok I'm joking. :D

1. I become closer to my family as I am nearer to them nowadays. We have more time to spend together and I can't wait for my sisters to have more children (ok I'm joking lol).

2. I become closer to my best buddies, who are almost from Terengganu. I have more than enough time to hang out with them. But so sad that I am missing my best buddies from other states so badly (you know who you are, I'll tell & meet you guys once I'm in KL@Selangor ok) :(

3. My skin becomes tanner and darker (Oh is that an achievement?) Oh my God. I think I need Garnier Light to make my skin fairer. Hahaha.

4. I realize what I'm good at and what I don't. For example, I know that I'm not very good in lab-work after I worked in research area (which was lab-work based) for quite sometime. (I'm switching my sub-field now) :)

5. I find a lot of new friends as I work and further my study. They are all awesome friends. And I love them so much. I think it is easier for me to find a good friend in Malaysia rather than Melbourne. :)

6. I'm furthering my study in a field that was not my major when I did my undergraduate study. It is quite tough for me to adapt but I know that this is the best for me, Insha-Allah. So to people who are doing science research and need my help for statistical analysis for their research, contact me, and I'll try to help you as much as i can, Insha-Allah. :)

I think that's all for now. Yeah, there may be more things that I can write here but I don't think I have to write everything. Apart from that, I am missing Melbourne so much, for there I can shop great dresses-shoes-handbags, eat nice food, find kind people, travel to beautiful places of interest and so on. I hope that one day (soon), I can go to Melbourne (as a tourist), Insha-Allah, as I can't do it now I am so busy with my study and many things to settle.

I hope that everyone that are back for good to Malaysia from oversea will experience a lot of good things, and will be able to go through the challenges in their life with lots of patience. As we grow older, we have so many things to think about, not only about us, but also about other people. Hope that everyone is doing well and remember that Allah knows what's the best for us. All the best to you all!


ihsan_huhu said...


nih makin mhl mas kawen nih lol

Cik Dada said...

mesti mu rindu aku kan??hehehe

erina_z said...

Eby baru balik sehari pun dah rindu Melbourne dah. Ni lagi lah Kmar yang dah setahun kan?

Good to hear your life is going on well ;)

kama said...

weh. knape aku mcm smkin depress je
labwork sucks big time
stress nye

Cik Kmar said...

ihsan: maskahwin aku mmg mhl pun insya-Allah :-p
cik dada: sila jgn 'missing in action' lg, susah benor nak contact kamu (-_-)
erin: thnx. hope u & eby will b doing well too
kama: labworks mmg sucks. aku dh quit labwork, xmo dh. ko xpe ketahanan utk labwork lg tinggi dr aku. kuat berusaha kama! :D