Friday, July 10, 2009

The Happiness

Last night I chatted with one of my best friend through YM. As he is older than me, he is definitely more successful in his life now (than me). I talked to him a lot about life and he did advise me a lot throughout my life.

Then I asked him, how to be rich, or make a lot of money. Then he laughed to me. He said I am still studying, I do not need to think about money yet. Plus it is very rare to see someone called student to be very rich during their study.

Then he said to me, instead of searching for money, why don't I search for happiness. He told me he has felt what the feeling of having lots of money is, and what he really wants to have since young until now is the real happiness, a thing he couldn't have totally until now. Searching for happiness is far more difficult than finding a lot of money, isn't it? Plus, happiness gives you the strength to go on with your life, the one that encourages you to be brave and bold and the one that makes you feel that you are appreciated by others.

So, let us search for happiness and love first, then everything will be smooth and easy in your life. Yes money is important too, but not to the extent that is it the main thing in your life. All the best in your life, everyone! (^_-)Y


ihsan_huhu said...

hmmm.. naaa!

Cik Kmar said...

haha ko ni mata duitan $-) sama cam aku jugak lol

nadxoxo said...

setuju..tapi duit mmg penting juge hehe