Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Our Holiday in Kenyir

My family and I went to Tasik Kenyir last weekend. A short yet an enjoyable trip! This largest man-made lake in Southeast Asia was built between 1978 and 1985. It becomes tourist sports attraction as the activities available there are mostly for sportive/active people.

For those who loves fishing, this is a fishing heaven for you. But please get the permission from Wildlife Department first before you fish as only certain spots and fishing methods are permitted for fishing here.

We didn't go fishing when we were there, but we went for canoeing and waterfall. For those who want to have a holiday and exercising at the same time, Kenyir Lake is a right tourism destination for you.

Kayakking is more than available here! As a person who loves canoening/kayakking, I really enjoy my stay there. But make sure you choose the right time to kayakking, as sometimes the waves can be quite dangerous for you to continue kayakking (For those who loves challenging kayakking, then these will not be a problem for you).

With more than 30 rivers feeding this lake, more than 25 waterfalls to go and many affordable accommodation to stay, Kenyir Lake is really a good resting-place for you. Enjoy your activities there and don't forget to take a lot of photos as this lake is very beautiful, magnificient and breathtaking! ;-)


Leya said...

seronoknya sesekali dapat bercuti merehatkan minda...syok bangat

ihsan_huhu said...

korg g satu family naik bas ke?


Cik Kmar said...

yup leya, sronok, lg2 pegi ngn family.

haha ihsan. kami gi 2 kereta. lgpn bkn sume pegi. dlm 9 org cmtu. =)

erol said...

wahsai.... best gler.. family trip... it's been a while..