Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I Love Beaches

I have been to so many beaches since i was young. I have been to the beaches in my hometown, Terengganu, the beaches from West Part of Peninsular Malaysia and the beaches in Australia - Melbourne, Gold Coast, Adelaide and Sydney. But i prefer East Coast of Peninsular Malaysia beaches as the sand is white, more beautiful and the color of the sea is bluer. Australian beaches are also beautiful as they usually have rows of rocks by the seashore. In conclusion, I love to see the beach and the sea and that is a fact! Any beaches will do. Hehe.

These 2 pictures were taken this morning, during the sunrise at Merang beach, Terengganu. So many clouds making the sun harder to be seen. But the color of the sea and sky was still brilliant. I love it.

The tongue twister- 'She sells the seashells by the seashore' Hehehehe

Ok. The island in the middle is Redang Island (If I'm not mistaken). I don't know which one is Bidong Island. Perhentian Island is not in this picture, it is nearer to Besut, it cannot be seen clearly from this beach. (I took this picture in Setiu).

I love to go to the beaches to eat Sotong Celup Tepung especially when i am not in a good mood as it helps me reducing my stress condition. And we, Terengganu people usually spend our leisure time with our family by going to the nearest beach together because we don't have so many big shopping malls to go to like other states. Hehe.

The beauty of the sea is very amazing. Praise be to Allah for the perfection of His every creation. Subhanallah. (",)


leya said...

pantai2 kat m'sia mmg cantik belako. Kat pantai la dapat kan ketenangan untuk merehatkan minda kita.

ihsan_huhu said...

i love beaches too..

n some bitches

they r both easy on your eyes.

Cik Kmar said...

ye cik leya =)

hahahahahampeh ko ihsan. nowadays there are a lot of bitches in the world arr, so ofkos your eyes are very2 easy. lol.

Liyana Safra Zaabar said...

rindu juga pada lautan di sana~

FarHa_aZruL said...

i love beach too!!! (selalu dating ngan abg aroL ahaks)

penah g tepi laut kat pontian..citu best gakk lagi2 kalo air tgh psg..mse duk pontian citu laa sy lepak time2 rindu pantai kat ganu hehe

en_me said...

chantekkk kannns..

Anonymous said...

salam, nice blog u hv..i believe tht u r a graduate of an aussie uni? if so, which varsity? pernah blajr sana way back in 1991-92..prior to tht, i'd been to perth, freemantle n sydney a few times..

all d best to u...

Cik Kmar said...

cntik kn en_me =)

anonymous, i study kat university of melbourne sblm ni. tp dh blk n continue my life in msia for almost a year already. :-)

ihsan_huhu said...

pantai kat pontian? ko bia btol.. sane bkn area2 berlumpur ke..