Friday, March 20, 2009

Kmar, Friends and Family

First of all, i would like to congratulate one of my closest friends, Wan Nurasilah, for her engagement last Saturday. I planned to attend her ceremony days before that, but unfortunately on that day, i have to go back to Kubang Kerian earlier as i have something important to do urgently, so sorry to Wann for not being able to attend her engagement ceremony. Other members of our gang also could not make it, Syeri had her cousin's wedding on the same day, Dada was in Kepong, Nabil also had her relative's engagement on that day. Not to forget Syati in Indonesia. We were very sorry to Wann, as her engagement date clashed with our other matters.

I had a trip with my friends (colleagues) to Terengganu from Kelantan last Friday (I shouldn't call it trip because it seemed like i'm going home haha), we visited Masjid Kristal, some of nice beaches and others. The main objective for the trip was to see and had a look for our friend, Rina, a house/apartment near Universiti Malaysia Terengganu (UMT), who is going to be the academic fellow in UMT. Good luck to Rina in her coming days.

Currently i am at home, playing with my beloved nephew and niece, Hakimi and Damia. I came home because i miss them so much. Hehehehe. Damia is very cute nowadays.

Wish me the best of luck with everything that i have to go through. Pray the best for me in choosing which area and field should i be into so that i won't regret anymore. And i hope that what i've tried so hard before will be paid off soon. Hope Allah ease and help me in everything that i have to go through. :-)


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