Friday, February 6, 2009

An Unexpected Track

Sorry for a more-than-a-week silence (as if other people care haha). Been pretty busy adapting my new life. Which is for me s***. Okay. Life is hard. You just have to be strong to go through all the challenges.

I might not like the new environment that i am into now. The surrounding is stress. Just ask my colleagues, they will tell you the same words about that office-STRESS. That's what we call, RESEARCH area, haha. Especially research in science-molecular biology. Huh. And things will give you a 'bonus' when you are working under the supervision of perfectionists. Be hardworking and make sure all your work is going well, then you will be more confident to face the Big Boss, the Professor, in the meeting. Hehe. Okay that's enough about this new environment. Just pray the best for me in my new job.

One thing i love most about my new environment is that i am meeting nice people. All my colleagues are the same like me. Happy-go-lucky. And all the time we try to make joke and laugh to each other, maybe that's the only way for us to forget about our depressed research project for a moment. Haha. They are all funny. They are all kind. They are all helpful. From the first time i met them, they make me laugh and smile all the time. They are the reason why i am so reluctant to leave that place.

I don't like Kelantan water. It makes my hair to be 'keras' like 'bulu penyapu'. I have been in Kelantan before when i was in Form 4-5, as i was studying in MRSM Pengkalan Chepa, and when i come back to Kelantan 6 years later the water is still 'berkarat' like before. That makes me missing my Terengganu water. Or makes me missing my Melbourne water even more, yes, because water in Melbourne; i just take the water from the pipe to drink, no need to boil it, it is safe already to be consumed.

I want to wish 'Selamat Pengantin Baru' to all my newly wed and becoming wed friends. Norhidayah Aziz+husband, Nurul Akmar Ramli+Abang Ikhwan Abang Othman, Siti Mariani+husband, Syafinaz+husband and etc. Wish you are all happy and blissful forever, with lots of kids. Hehehe. My turn to get married might be years and years from now. I don't know when. Just wait and see, i just hope that my marriage will last forever. ;-)

That's all for now. Being able to go home (Terengganu) this weekend really gives me times to have a good rest. Hopefully no last-minute meeting will be held during this weekend when i am having my good time at home now. :-p



Kmar u work as RA ke? aduii keje mmg stress kan.
Owh abg kamu ambil course ape? i saw ur grad pics dlm blog this one guy(*lupa nama, wearing glasses, putih2, masa arnie dtg melben dia ade)

Cik Kmar said...

yes dear i keje RA. mmg stress gle2 and i feel like *huh*

abg amik course EE, can't wait 4 him to come back. missing him too much already. :'(

tat guy yg letak gmbr grad i dlm blog die tu name kai kn. haha. die my close fren jgk ms i kat melb dlu. =)

ihsan_huhu said...

fuh.. aku rs air mane2 pon same je lebey kurg..

Cik Kmar said...

xsame ok. air laut ngn air sungai pn dh beza. :p