Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Motivational Quote

Taken From AllPosters

Cinta Yang Sempurna

Terbawa aku dalam rasa
Yang selama ini tak lupa

Mungkinkah ini cinta

Hatiku coba tuk mencari
Kemana aku telah pergi

Mungkin semua ini mimpi

Hanya ilusi
Cinta yang menipu
Keindahan semu
Semua hanya palsu
Keindahan semu
Semua hanya palsu

Bawa aku kepadaMu
Keindahan yang tak semu
Peluk aku jangan pernah
Kau biarkan ku terlupa padaMu
Kasih tempatku mengadu
Takkan ada cinta yang bisa sempurna
Selain kepadaMu, kepadaMu

By: 6ixth Sense feat Noe Lettoe

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Petua Penjagaan Diri Zaman Moden

Mari kita lihat petua-petua berguna untuk menjaga kecantikan dan kebersihan diri.

1. Mandi susu amat baik untuk memutihkan kulit, menghaluskan dan membekalkan kelembapan kulit pada tahap yang sepatutnya. Tetapi jika anda tidak mampu membeli susu ataupun terlalu sibuk sehingga tiada masa untuk menyediakan susu untuk mandi, cuba gunakan Johnson & Johnson Baby Milk Bath kerana ia berkesan untuk melembapkan kulit anda seterusnya mengelakkan kulit anda menjadi kusam dan kering. (Inilah satu-satunya produk yang berkesan untuk mengelakkan kulit saya menjadi kering ketika saya berada di Melbourne yang bercuaca kering. Tapi J&J sedang diboikot kan. Haha!)

2. Gunakan minyak kelapa yang ibu-ibu suka buat itu untuk dipakaikan kepada rambut anda kerana ia mampu mengelakkan kelemumur bersarang di kulit kepala anda, di samping mengelakkan keguguran rambut dan pertumbuhan uban. Tapi jika tidak ada masa untuk membuat minyak kelapa asli, beli saja minyak kelapa dara yang ada dijual oleh syarikat2 melayu itu. Jika tidak mampu pun beli sahaja minyak zaitun baby cap Safi ke Shurah ke cuma kesannya tidaklah sehebat kesan menggunakan minyak kepala la.

3. Sapukan air basuhan beras pada muka untuk menjadikan kulit muka anda lebih lembut dan licin. Tapi kalau malas tahap cipan, beli saja produk SKII kerana ia juga menggunakan ekstrak air beras. Tapi jika tidak mampu juga sila beli produk lain yang menggunakan ekstrak air beras juga.

4. Rebus daun sirih dan gunakannya untuk membersihkan dan mengelakkan kegatalan pada alat kelamin wanita, disamping itu ia juga dapat menolong mengembalikan kehebatan dan keintiman bahagian tersebut. Jika malas untuk mencari dan memetik daun sirih, bolehlah gunakan sebarang pencuci wanita yang menggunakan ekstrak daun sirih seperti jenama Sireh Manja, Sumber Ayu dan yang sewaktu dengannya.

5. Untuk mengurangkan kelemumur dan mengembalikan kesegaran kulit kepala, amalkan menyapu air limau purut pada bahagian kepala. Tapi jika tidak ada masa untuk melakukannya sendiri dan orang lain malas menolong anda menyapunya di kepala, gunakan sebarang syampu yang menggunakan ekstrak limau purut seperti Sunsilk dan yang sewaktu dengannya.

Sekian sahaja untuk petua kali ini. Cubalah sedaya upaya mengamalkan yang tradisional kerana mengamalkan yang cara moden itu tidak akan mampu memberikan kesan yang sama seperti yang tradisional kerana yang moden itu telah bercampur dengan bahan2 kimia.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Cutest Dwarfs In The World

Hahahaha. I am laughing again and again looking at these pictures. They were taken about one year ago when i was still in Melbourne. Together with me at that time were Zaity and Thanges. Ok ok guess who is the cutest in these pictures? I look the worst as i am the shortest and the chubbiest. *sigh*

These photos were taken in front of Reject Shop near Bourke Street in Melbourne City. There is a mirror that make your reflections look cuter than you are in your real world! Haha.

Waaa i really miss hanging out with my friends in Melbourne. I love shopping but nowadays i can't shop as much as before, i am currently running out of money and i have to wait until the moment that i am rich enough to shop again.

Oh well. Melbourne is the nice place to be. Trust me. ;-)

Another Motivational Quote

Taken From AllPosters

Saturday, February 7, 2009

The New Look of My Blog

Ok. I'm done with changing my blog template. Despite of not feeling very well, my busyness and depression that i have, i manage to change my blog template within 1-2 hour, completely. Haha. This is Kmar when she is depressed, doing something else to make her forgetting about all her current problems.

I prefer this template than the one that i used before. This one is more user-friendly. And i can edit this template without so much troubles. And i am happy. This template allows my friends to be able to follow my blog updates easier.

Now i want to do the tag that Nadiah did. Sorry Nadiah for not answering your tag earlier. Now i am doing it okay. ;-)

1. Do you think you are HOT?
- I am not hot at all. Hot for me means sexy. I am not sexy. Okay. I am a kampung girl that is so kolot. LOL

2. Upload you fav pic.
-No fav pic

3. Why do you like this picture?
- Because there's nothing in life you can cherish most

4. When was the last time u ate pizza?
- Yesterday, with Nabilah and Syati. Lalala~

5. The last song u listen to?
- TV3 Theme Song. Haha

6. What are you doing right now besides this?
- Listening to my family talking to each other

7. What name u prefer besides yours?
- None

8. People I tag:-
- Cik Dada
- Cik Kama
- Cik Nakia
- Cik Syu
- Cik Liyana Safra

9. Who is No.1?
- My close friend

10. No.3 is having a relationship with?
- I don't know

11. Say something about No.5
- She is currently studying in Japan

12. How about No.4?
- Syu is a friend that i know through internet, through a chatroom

13. Who is No.2?
- A Sungai Buloh girl

Ok done. Up to u people want to do this tag or not. I won't force you. :-p

Friday, February 6, 2009

Oh My Blog

I want to change my blog template. I am very bored with this pinky template.

But i am busy ar nowadays. Hmm. How ar.

Maybe i should wait until i have more free time. Then i can change the html code without further delay.

Just wait and see. It might take weeks or months or years for my blog to have a new look. LOL.

An Unexpected Track

Sorry for a more-than-a-week silence (as if other people care haha). Been pretty busy adapting my new life. Which is for me s***. Okay. Life is hard. You just have to be strong to go through all the challenges.

I might not like the new environment that i am into now. The surrounding is stress. Just ask my colleagues, they will tell you the same words about that office-STRESS. That's what we call, RESEARCH area, haha. Especially research in science-molecular biology. Huh. And things will give you a 'bonus' when you are working under the supervision of perfectionists. Be hardworking and make sure all your work is going well, then you will be more confident to face the Big Boss, the Professor, in the meeting. Hehe. Okay that's enough about this new environment. Just pray the best for me in my new job.

One thing i love most about my new environment is that i am meeting nice people. All my colleagues are the same like me. Happy-go-lucky. And all the time we try to make joke and laugh to each other, maybe that's the only way for us to forget about our depressed research project for a moment. Haha. They are all funny. They are all kind. They are all helpful. From the first time i met them, they make me laugh and smile all the time. They are the reason why i am so reluctant to leave that place.

I don't like Kelantan water. It makes my hair to be 'keras' like 'bulu penyapu'. I have been in Kelantan before when i was in Form 4-5, as i was studying in MRSM Pengkalan Chepa, and when i come back to Kelantan 6 years later the water is still 'berkarat' like before. That makes me missing my Terengganu water. Or makes me missing my Melbourne water even more, yes, because water in Melbourne; i just take the water from the pipe to drink, no need to boil it, it is safe already to be consumed.

I want to wish 'Selamat Pengantin Baru' to all my newly wed and becoming wed friends. Norhidayah Aziz+husband, Nurul Akmar Ramli+Abang Ikhwan Abang Othman, Siti Mariani+husband, Syafinaz+husband and etc. Wish you are all happy and blissful forever, with lots of kids. Hehehe. My turn to get married might be years and years from now. I don't know when. Just wait and see, i just hope that my marriage will last forever. ;-)

That's all for now. Being able to go home (Terengganu) this weekend really gives me times to have a good rest. Hopefully no last-minute meeting will be held during this weekend when i am having my good time at home now. :-p