Saturday, January 24, 2009

Ways To Win With People

1. Point out people strengths
2. People need to know they are helped; be the first to help
3. Take the most opportunities to create great memories
4. Let people know you need them; nobody works alone
5. Give people the triple-A treatment

6. Remember their good days, not their bad ones

7. Add most value in their strength zone

8. Write notes of encouragement; encouragement notes are remembered

9. Give people energy

10. Help people win

11. Create a memory and visit it often

12. Pass the credits to others

13. Compliment people in front of others; compliments affirm people

14. Give people hope; most powerful and energizing words

15. Remember person's story

16. Give others a reputation to uphold

17. Give with no string attached

18. Have a high opinion of people

19. Say the right words at the right times

20. Encourage the dreams of others

21. Make the most of your gifts and opportunities

22. Encourage another dream to be reality

23. Share a secret with someone

24. Give the people the benefit of the doubt

25. Keep your eyes off the mirror
26. Do for others what they can't do for themselves

27. Listen with your heart

28. Find the keys to their heart; respect people, trust people, be very open

29. Share ideas

30. Accept the facts that people are different

31. Make yourself more valuable

32. Learn the names of people you meet; recognize the value of their names

33. Instill motivation

And many more... Build a strong relationship with people even though you only know them for a minute.

Love others and you'll be loved. (",)