Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Tags

Tagged by Syu

10 Facts/Hobbies About Me

1. I love beaches. I will go to the beach especially when i am depressed, it helps me in reducing my stress level.
2. I like playing Sudoku. But i need more practices to go to the highest level.
3. I love going out with my beloved friends. Anywhere will do.
4. I like to sms my friends. How i wish that sms-ing is free.
5. I can't live without internet. (Indirectly)
6. I am a graduate in B.Sc. majoring in Genetics and Biotechnology. (nothing special with it hahaha)
7. I am the 5th child in my 11 siblings.
8. I love sleeping. I need enough sleep. 8 hours per day. (I know that's too much)
9. I love food. Oh i can't live without food. Why food are so tasty ar?
10. I have 3 cute nephews and 1 adorable niece. I love them! ;-)

For this one, i tag Cik Farha, Cik Dada and Cik Nabil.

Tagged by Cik Farha

Those that i want to tag for this one are;
1. Cik Kama
2. Cik Nadiah
3. Cik Syuhada
4. Cik Nakia
5. Cik Sabrina
6. Cik Dada

1) What do you know about 1?
Kama is clever and intelligent. And gorgeous. Ehehehehe. :-p

2) What would you do if you never meet 2?
I might not be friends with Nadiah

3) What would you do if 3 & 4 date you?
Nope. Impossible. I am neither lesbian nor bisex. Heh.

4) Would 5 & 6 make a good couple?
They don't know each other

5) Do you know everything about 3's family?
Nope. I rarely chat with Syu. But i know a little bit about her mom.

6) Tell me something about 6
Dada is going to graduate soon, this semester is her final semester.

7) What language does 2 speak?
Malay and English

8) Who is 3 going out with?
I don't know about Syu's personal life

9) How old is 4?
Nakia just celebrated her 21st birthday. So young. I am 3 years older than her *sigh*

10) 5?
Sabrina age is same with me hehehehe not so old yet ar

11) Who is 6's fav singer?
I think Dada loves Siti Nurhaliza

12) 1?
Rihanna maybe. Or Pink. And Gwen Stefani. Is that right Kama?

13) Is 4 single?
I don't know so much about Nakia. I think she is single now. But it is not impossible for her to have someone else already or sooner hehehe.

14) What is 3 last name?
Ghazali. Yup. Syuhada Ghazali

15) What u consider being in relationship with 1?
We are friends since Intec

16) What are u talking about?
Anything la

17) What school did 2 go to?
Nadiah went to same schools with me, MRSM-YT Besut and MRSM PC. =)

Done. Haha!


ctnaquia esir said...

Im still single, and currently not available.

Ish, smpi hati kak kmar kata gitu (-.-").

nadxoxo said...

cik kmar..xleh copy la tag ni. haha

ihsan_huhu said...

im single n available

even when im not single im still available


Tya ilyana said...

so now ur working huh?
u must missing Melbourne so badly rite?

Cik Kmar said...

haha nakia. asal kamu bahagie sudah.

nadxoxo, kamu kne taip instead of copy paste. i xtau nk offkan kat mne dlm template die bab2 xle copy ni. LOL

ihsan, kamu mmg gtl. :p

tya ilyana, yes im working now, thinking of furthering my studies to a higher degree. n i miss melb badly. i wish i can go there again ASAP.

Cik Kmar said...
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Cik Kmar said...
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