Tuesday, December 23, 2008

16 Random Things About Me

1. I love to shop clothes/dresses more than handbags and shoes
2. I genetically inherit big teeth in a small mouth
3. I love to bake and eat marble and butter cake
4. I like to see black car more than other color
5. I met my boyfriend randomly in early 2007 before we get serious about each other
6. I nearly drowned when i was 9 years old
7. I don't like to watch drama series from western countries
8. I love to watch documentaries more than movies
9. I like to read scientific magazines more than novels
10. I love to drink juices and eat triple cheeseburger(double will do)
11. I lost my passport in October 2006 when i was still in Australia
12. I don't like being underestimated
13. I would like to spend my holiday in an island rather than a theme park
14. I only started getting serious in saving money since last year
15. I want to have a master degree before i get a permanent job
16. I love kids, they are cute!

I tag Kama, Nadiah, Dada, Kai, Nabeel. Hah!


ihsan_huhu said...

fuh.. sungguh berciri2 saintis sekali

Cik Kmar said...

berciri2 saintis? ahaks.

insya-Allah aku akan jd saintis suatu hari nnt. ;-)