Saturday, October 25, 2008

Kak Nurul's Wedding

Yesterday, the solemnization ceremony for my sister and her husband was held in my house. My sister, Nurulhati binti Ghani was officially Mohd Faisal bin Rameli's wife at 11am. And now, i am officially the oldest single woman in my siblings, as 3 of 7 girls in this family has been officially taken. Hmm, i will wait for my eldest brother first to get married, no need for me to langkah bendul my brother. Lol.

Still 'shy-shy cat' right after akad nikah

My sister and her husband were in the same homeroom in MRSM Pengkalan Chepa when they were in Form 4-5 in 1998-1999. They started dating when they were 23 years old, after they met again in 2005. They got engaged last March and married 7 months later.

The reception ceremony for my sister was held also yesterday, from 11am-5pm at my house. To my friends that came, thanks. Some of the people that i did not expect to come were Ustazah Saniah and her bestfriend (another Ustazah in MRSM PC but i did not remember her name), they came from Kota Bahru, i was really surprised of their presence. Also Cikgu Azlina, my teacher when i was in SK Bukit Tunggal, as she was also the teacher for my sister. Now Cikgu Azlina is working in SK Bukit Tumbuh, the school for my younger brothers and sister. Also some of my childhood friends that came, i had a very long conversation with them, we have not met for years, so imagine how many stories we have to share and update each other. And of course, all my childhood friends said that i am lebar, berisi, tembam and nampak besar now. Haha.

The wedding cake and cupcakes

Selamat Pengantin Baru to my beloved sister, semoga diberkati Alah selalu dalam kehidupan dan perkahwinan, and if i get a new niece or nephew next year, i am ready for that, i love kids, haha~ :-p


ihsan_huhu said...

wah.. ustazah saniah.

last skalik aku jumpe die ms g visit die mase suami die br meninggal dlu

Cik Kmar said...

aah die ade ckp ko lwt die time suami die mninggal dlu. die siap tnye lg aku ngn ko jd x. huhu tkejut aku ngn soklan aku. lol.