Wednesday, September 24, 2008

My Beloved Streamyx

Today, since this afternoon, i have noticed that something is wrong regarding the internet connection in my house. And i cannot understand why this situation can happen.

I can open this blogspot as usual. Yeah, if i cannot, how come i can post this entry. But, i cannot open so many links, Facebook cannot, Yahoo also sometimes cannot, including Yahoo Messenger. Other websites, they are even worse. Only Friendster can (Wth?). (Do any of you from another country or state experience the same problem with me. If it is, then Tmnet may not be the source of the problem) And since the first day i have arrived, i cannot open any of the Fotopages websites, at all.

Hmm. Congratulations to Tmnet for this excellent service. I am really impressed. And as Malaysians you know that we have only a few internet service providers, not like overseas, so many providers, you just have to choose the best one. So, as Malaysians we just choose any of them as all the service providers are 'good'. Yeah.

Finally, now, at 10.35pm, the connection is okay. Hopefully this won't happen again in the future.