Monday, September 29, 2008

The Bestest-Buddies Reunion

Just now i had dinner(or break fast) with my bestest-buddies. 6 of us; Nabilah, Syeri, Dada, Wann, Syati and me finally make this gathering a reality today despite of several problems that have arisen since this afternoon as some of us couldn't make it at the first place. Thanks to all of my friends that came, making this is the first gathering that reunite all of us at one time, as some of us still study overseas, which makes our chance to meet a little bit harder for these few years.

We had our meal at Uncle Chua Kopitiam, next to Secret Recipe restaurant in Kuala Terengganu. That was my first time had my meal there, and the restaurant is really good. With nice waiters, tasty food and clean, comfortable atmosphere, we were satisfied with everything we had there. I had 'Mi Kari' and orange juice for my dinner, while others had 'Char Kuey Teow', 'Nasi Lemak', 'Mi Tom Yam', 'Nasi Paprik' and juices, and we did share Peanut Thick Roast and 'Roti Kaya' together. I am sure that i will eat again in that restaurant in the future.

And after we had our dinner, we went to Terengganu Trade Center for a quick 'Raya Shopping' as some of us wanted to find shoes and 'tudung' for 'hari raya'.

Back to our stories, 5 of us are friends since we were 13 years old, and at that time we studied at MRSM-YT Besut. Then all of us together went/transferred to MRSM Pengkalan Chepa in Form 4, after we got good PMR results. We met Syati there and we were in one gang at that time, and we always contact each other after our SPM, eventhough after SPM all of us had different routes of studying and life. Wann and Dada are still studying, Pharmacy (UIA) and Biomedical Engineering (UniKL) respectively, will be finishing their degree next semester, while Nabilah just started her master this semester at UMT. While Syati, who is going to be a doctor, is now furthering her study in Indonesia. Syeri and i just graduated last semester and we are waiting for better job and study offers.

We still friends until today and i should say these girls are the bestest friends that i have ever had. No one can replace them in my heart, how we care about each other, together through ups and downs and so many things that we have experienced, these girls are the ones that are always there for me and for each other. Having them as my friends are the greatest gift from God that i have.

May this friendship last forever. All the best to all of us in our future~ (^_^)


enche abang said...

awak comey la dalam gambar tu... huhu~

Cik Kmar said...

uiks. gmbr mane 1 nih. rmai2 tu ke. ish. xrs comey pn.