Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The 23rd September 2008

Yesterday, i opened this blog and was shocked to see some html for my blog didn't work (until today). Which is the 'Labels' part. I tried to figure out about this problem and find the solution but i couldn't. Other people using the same html are also experiencing the same problem. And i know that this problem is related to blogspot itself. Plus i am not an IT/Computer student, so to my friends who can help me solve this problem (regarding my html), tell me ok. :-)

And yesterday also, was my sister, Bahiah's birthday. She made her birthday cake by herself. Yea, she studied 'Diploma Katering dan Perhotelan' before, so no wonder she preferred to make the cake by herself. But something going wrong at the end of her effort as the bowl that she used to make her cake icing fell down on the floor from the table, and it broke into pieces. Pity her. Oh well, ignore that mistake, as i taste her chocolate cake, it is really delicious. One of the best simple chocolate cake i have ever tried. Her chocolate cake is not bitter like other people did. The cake is perfect. And i will ask her recipe later okay. ;-)

And yesterday, too, i went for Raya shopping at Bazar Ramadhan (that is held from 3-30th September 2008) at Terengganu Trade Center. It turned out to be a personal shopping instead of Raya shopping. Haha. At first i wanted to buy baju raya, but i was not okay with the price and quality of the clothes. So i just bought a tudung for hari raya. Other things that i bought there are not related to raya preparation at all. I got for myself 5 brooches for RM14, and also a set of Women of Earth (Avon) perfume+deodorant+purse de concentre for only RM57 (a brilliant offer as the normal price is more than RM130).

I won't go anymore out after this, if i keep hanging out like this with my sister, i will be running out of money. Darn..


Anonymous said...

Hi buddy, your blog' s design is simple and clean and i like it. Your blog posts are superb. Please keep them coming. Greets!!!