Sunday, August 24, 2008

The University of Melbourne Graduation

Alhamdulillah, i managed to complete my studies in Bachelor of Science (majors in Genetics and Biotechnology) in University of Melbourne officially last June 30, 2008. And yesterday, at 10.30am, i attended the Graduation Ceremony or Conferring of Degrees Ceremony by which i received my official testamur. The ceremony was a compact, simple, yet an excellent and prestigious ceremony, which would always be a memorable moment in my life.

The ceremony started by the graduands and guests entering the Wilson Hall. At 10.30am sharp, the procession (Chief Marshall, Marshall, Doctor graduands etc) entered the hall.

Then, the welcome and occasional addresses were given by the Deputy Chancellor and Deputy Secretary of Primary Industries, respectively. The degrees were then conferred to the new graduands according to their faculty, started by bachelors to masters to doctorates graduands. A valedictory speech was given by the valedictorian before the ceremony ended, by which the procession and new graduands leaving the hall.

Thanks a lot to my professional photographer, Suhaimi (also known as Archiprez) for spending his time with us taking my graduation photos.

Thanks also to Erol, for the lilies bouquet and to Kai for the beautiful red rose, as my graduation presents.

Thanks to all my friends that attended my graduation session too- Erol, Zaity, Kai, Thanges, Azyan, Finaz, Fendi, Suhaimi etc. Spending the day with you all, makes my graduation pictures even more stunning. All of you are very sporting, and i love our 'Lompat' pictures so much. Love you all so much...

*All photos by Suhaimi@Archiprez (except for the 1st photo)


Sha said...

ko sorang je ke grad kat sane? hehe.. btw TAHNIAH gurl.. next year aku nk nyusul lak =)

nadxoxo said...

tahniah kmar on ur graduation :)
cepat2 balik malaysia k!

Cik Kmar said...

thnx girl~!

to sabrina, rmai lg r grad kt cni, xnmpk ke gmbr dlm dewan rmai2 pkai jubah tu. ahax~

to nad, i blk msia luse. yeay~ but very sdiy la utk tinggalkn melbourne ni. sobsobsob~

Kujie said...

tahniah dari mama Leha..nk panggi Leha gak..hehehehe

baru ayu mcm gadis pingitan.

Cik Kmar said...

thnx mama. hehe jrg dh org pggil 'leha', cm gadis kampung yg ayu je kn name tu. ehehehe.

ihsan_huhu said...

power siot dh grad..