Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Farewell Dinner

A farewell dinner, before i go home (Malaysia) this Thursday night. Thanks to all my best friends in Melbourne, the JENGKELMATES family for spending their time with me last night- Zaity, Thanges, Syaza, Fendi, Kai, Deva, Ashwinna, Finaz, Mat Rik, Vanis, Kucai, Erol etc. We had our dinner at MyCube a new restaurant in Lygon Street, between 8pm and 10pm.

The atmosphere of the MyCube restaurant is good, and besides eating, you can also play boardgames. And also, thanks to the friendly waitresses for being patient with the 'Kejengkelan-kejengkelan' this Jengkelmates gang. The only not-so-good thing for the restaurant was the food. As usual and of course, the Jengkelmates that are popular with their 'Kejengkelan-kejengkalan yang nyata' would comment about the food. We gave our constructive comments to help the restaurant to perform better in the future, because we are good customers and we care about other people.

It is quite sad to leave Melbourne. Being here for almost 3 and half years with good friends and wonderful memories, thanks to all of you.

And to Jengkelmates, ''teruskan perjuangan anda di Melbourne dan juga masa depan, bukan sahaja dalam pelajaran malahan juga dalam semua aspek kehidupan anda''. You all are very special to me, my family in Melbourne. =)


nadxoxo said...

budak pompuan yg duk sblh kmar tu muka dia cam kmar kembar lak :P

Cik Kmar said...

haha. rmai org ckp muke kteorg same. ade kot iras sikit2. hehe